webber naturals® 100% Natural Vegan Protein Powder

SKU: RC  324201



Easy-to-digest protein from non-GMO and organic ingredients. Ideal protein supplement for vegetarian and vegan diets. Complete protein with balanced amino acid profile. Mix with water or blend into a smoothie. Contains xylitol, a sweetener endorsed by the Canadian Dental Association to prevent tooth cavities. Serving size: 2 scoops (46 g). Servings per container: 21. Calories – 170 (710kJ). Total fat – 1.5 g / 2%. Saturated fats – 0 g / 0%. + Trans fat – 0 g / 0%. Cholesterol – 0 mg / 0%. Alanine – 0.8 g. Arginine – 1.8 g. Aspartic Acid – 2.2 g. Cystine – 0.2 g. Glutamic Acid – 3.3 g. Non-GMO yellow pea protein isolate, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic hemp protein and non-GMO chia protein. Xylitol, natural vanilla flavour, organic cane sugar, bromelain. Add 2 scoops (46 g) to 250-350 ml of water 1-3 times daily; depending on your protein needs, you can decrease the serving size to 1 scoop (23 g) 1-3 times daily. For maximum freshness, refrigerate after opening

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