VegTrug Flower Garden Arch

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The VegTrug Flower garden arch is a welcome addition to any garden. Great for decorating walkways and paths, this large statement arch will encourage climbing plants to grow and intertwine with the arch itself, creating a statement feature to walk through. The archway can also be used to section areas, creating a separate entrance into different parts of the garden. Featuring a swirl design within the arch itself, this would be the perfect touch to an elegant outdoor space.

Manufactured from strong, durable steel, this archway is very stable once erected and will withstand all seasons. Assembled at home with no fixings required. With extended legs, the base can be securely pushed into the ground.

  • High-quality VegTrug Flower garden ideal for entrances, walkways and garden features
  • Perfect for supporting climbing plants
  • Strong, sturdy structure
  • Assembled with ease at home
  • Wide base and extended leg stakes to ensure stability
  • Manufactured from strong, durable quality steel
  • Elegant decorative design

  • Dimensions (L _ W _ H): 68.6 cm _ 160 cm _ 297.2 cm (27 in. _ 63 in. _ 117 in.)
  • Weight: 27.3 kg (60 lb.)

Model: CST-AR02


Frame Material Steel Model CST-AR02 Weight 27.22 kg (60 lb.)

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