Ultimate Slimygloop Slimysand

SKU: RC  1425353



Features:, SLIMYGLOOP®SLIMYSAND™ stretches, molds, and takes shape — grab a handful, press it into any of the included molds, flip it onto your play area, and lift to reveal your creations!, Includes 9 molds in a variety of themes – Sweet Treats, Under the Sea & Dinosaurs!, Squish, twist, stretch and squeeze 7 ready-made glitter SLIMYGLOOP®SLIMYSAND™ for an unmatched sensory experience, Crush, expand and impress your sand with any of the 3 included rollers!, Colors Include: Pink Glitter, Yellow Glitter, Green Glitter, Blue Glitter, Purple Glitter, White Glitter, Hassle-free and easy to clean up — just play inside the box and build your sandscapes!, Store your SLIMYGLOOP®SLIMYSAND™ in the reusable bags or the canisters included to keep it from drying out!, Includes:, 7 Bags of Glitter SLIMYGLOOP®SLIMYSAND™ 6.25 lbs. (2.83 kg) Total

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