SUNUV Face Mask Gloves Denture LED UV Sterilizer 59s Sterilizer UVC Sterilization Nipple Storage Toothbrush Box (White)

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59s sterilizer UVC sterilization UV nipple storage toothbrush portable sterilization box to kill microorganisms mini pacifier earring sterilization box



1. Sterilization and disinfection of toothbrushes, nipples, nipples, hair clips, earrings, prosthetics and other small objects.

2.59 seconds one-button disinfection.

3. Portable and can be stored, portable can be hung on the hand, luggage and stroller.

4. Effective disinfection of various common bacteria to protect the safety of the entire family.

5. Select mirror stainless steel liner, reflect ultraviolet rays for comprehensive disinfection

6. Can remove various bad smells and keep you fresh ell day


Power: 2W

LED lamp beads: 4

Laser wavelength: 260-280nm

Input interface: Micro USB

Battery: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Sensor: automatic sensor

UVC LED life: 10,000 hours

Power switch button

Portable disinfection cabinet storage container: Yes

Mini Nipple Disinfection Box: Yes

Size: 80mm * 80mm * 75mm

Net weight: 120 grams

Package Included:

1 * disinfection box

1 * User manual

1 * Micro USB cable

1 * Examination paper

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