Spicebox Sketch Plus - Nature’s Beauty and Landmarks & Cities Bundle

SKU: RC  1451417



Nature’s Beauty: Step into a world of beauty! Nothing is more peaceful than spending time with the natural world, and with this kit you can experience the beauty of nature in the comfort of your own home! 50 pages of calming illustrations that help you let go of day-to-day worries.

Landmarks & Cities: Travel the world through art! From the majesty of the Taj Mahal to the bustle of Times Square, these 50 immersive scenes will transport you across the globe on a private tour of iconic landmarks and tranquil scenes. Let your creative energy flow onto the page as you explore these great destinations!

Language: English

Nature’s Beauty Features:

    • 50 sheet coloring pad
    • 5 brush tipped markers
    • 5 fine tipped markers
    • 5 gel pens

Landmarks & Cities Features:

  • 50 sheet coloring pad
  • 24 coloring pencils

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