Smart for Life - 20-day Irresistible Winner Chocolate Chip Cookies Kit

SKU: RC  315905



These cookies are named Winner because of all of the taste tests that they have won. You won't believe how great they taste fresh out of the box. These cookies can also be refrigerated for an enhanced crisp chocolate taste but refrigeration is optional according to your tastes.

Smart for Life™ is a comprehensive approach to feeling fulfilled throughout the day. These products add delicious variety to the program and are made with all natural, 60% organic ingredients, which are scientifically formulated, to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and carbohydrates that could help naturally suppress the appetite.

The Package Includes:  
  • 10 boxes of Winner Chocolate Chip Cookies (12 cookie packs per box)  
  • Unlimited phone support, 1-877-601-7277

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