SentrySafe T0-331 6 cu.ft. Security Safe

SKU: RC  403468



Capacity: 169.9 L (6 cu. ft.). Programmable digital lock allows you to choose your combination plus it comes with an override key which makes entry in the safe secure yet simple. 3 live-locking bolts help to prevent unwanted entry and access. Concealed hinges for added protection and security. Solid steel construction with 6 mm door and 3 mm body thickness provides added security. Anti-drill door with relocking device helps protect against drill attack. Dimensions (L x W x H):. 50.2 cm x 55.1 cm x 95 cm (19.8 in. x 21.7 in. x 37.4 in.). Weight: 99.8 kg (220 lbs.)

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