Pink Solution Clean All Purpose Cleaner 7 L Bundle

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Get amazing results cleaning everything inside and outside your home with Pink Solution® cleaners while saving money and avoiding chemicals that could harm you, your family, and the environment.


    • All natural, all purpose cleaner with coconut oil, seaweed and baking soda
    • No chemicals, perfumes or dyes
    • Septic tank safe
    • Phosphate free
    • Replaces over 10 different household cleaners, including laundry detergent
    • Use full strength or mix with water for bathrooms, kitchens, cars, boats, stains, carpets, pets, jewellery, fruits and vegetables, laundry, antiques, plants, appliances, and much more
    • Removes stains like butter, mayonnaise, cooking oil, blood, red wine, crayon, candle wax and more
    • Use on any surface where you can use water
    • Safe for children and pets
    • Makes an excellent pet shampoo
    • Leaves no residue
    • Each 7 L bucket has enough concentrated paste for over 1750 loads of laundry
    • For laundry, works in HE or traditional washing machines
    • Biodegradable
    • Made in Canada
    • Never expires


  • 1 x 7 L Pink Solution Clean
  • 4 x bathroom sponge

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