Miele Professional PG8061 Built-In Commercial High Temperature Dishwasher

SKU: RC 1098830



Features. Choice of: single phase 240V 60Hz or single phase 208 V 60 Hz. Design: Stainless steel. 1 upper basket included. 1 lower basket included. Circulation pump performance: 400 L/min. Shortest program cycle: 15 minutes or just 7.5 min per rack. Max. throughput: 152 plates/h in lower basket plus additional dishware in upper basket or 8 baskets/hour. 6 programs. High-temperature sanitizing at 85 °C (185 °F) compliant with Provincial Food Code (no chemical sanitizer required). Combi-dispenser for powder detergent/rinse aid. Built-in water softener. Water connection. 1 hose (3/4 in. threaded union) for cold water, 200–1000 kPa (29-145 psi) flow pressure

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