LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express

SKU: RC  2070424



Features:, Download the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app and point your phone at the Ghost Train Express to make this train set for kids come alive, Move the phone around to discover an ever-changing environment hidden around the model, Includes 5 figures: Jack Davids with a smartphone and girl minifigure Parker L. Jackson with a smartphone, tech genius J.B., ticket agent Ms. Santos, and ticket guy Chuck, Train features ghost wings that fold out with the flip of a lever, a chamber to pretend to remove the ghosts haunting Ms. Santos, and a “de-haunting” cannon to help defeat the ghosts and return the old train station to normal, Playset lets kids play out exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical LEGO models with fully interactive augmented reality, To get the full augmented-reality experience, a tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included, Check compatibility at, Specifications:, Ghost train and station dimensions (L × W × H): 60.96 cm × 12.7 cm × 12.7 cm (24 in. × 5 in. × 5 in.)

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