LEGO City Passenger Train 60197

SKU: RC  5060197



Features:, Includes 4 LEGO® minifigures: 2 passengers, a train conductor and a train attendant, Train features pantograph on the roof and driver’s cabin with opening window and control panel, plus a café car with removable roof and tables, and a passenger car with removable roof, seats and tables, Includes a platform with 2 seats and train services map, Accessory elements included: 3 mugs, 3 muffins, a hot dog, croissant, messenger bag and a suitcase with LEGO® box inside, Lift off the roof to access the passenger train cabins filled with cool details, Operate the train with the 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, Set the rails in different ways to fit your city’s style, Specifications:, Passenger Train with cars dimensions (L x W x H): 69 cm x 5 cm x 11 cm (27.1 in. x 1.9 in. x 4.3 in.)

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