Kirkland Signature Hearing Aid Batteries Mercury Free, 2 Pack of 48

SKU: RC  7306921



Noise Environment - A battery will drain more in a noisy restaurant or a concert versus a quieter environment, such as in a library or a home. Volume Setting - If your hearing aid is "maxed out" on volume, it can prematurely drain your battery. Moisture - Moisture, including perspiration, is harmful to hearing aids and hearing aid batteries. Using a hearing aid dryer daily to reduce moisture is highly recommended. Zinc air batteries use air as a source of power, the tab provides a seal that ensures freshness until the battery is ready for use. New packaging allows for easier installation. Large tabs provide ease of use and handling. Size 10. Size 13. Size 312. Remove tab from battery and wait one minute before inserting into hearing device. Store batteries at room temperature. Batteries should not be carried loose in your pocket or purse and should not be stored out of package. If a battery inadvertently comes into contact with a metal object such as coins, keys, or other batteries the battery may short out, leak or in rare incidences even rupture. Do not swallow. Keep away from small children. Do not dispose of battery in fire

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