Johnny Vac Auto Rider Floor Scrubber with Battery & Charger

SKU: RC 396455



Model JVC110RIDER. Features: Recovery tank can be overturned at 90° for access to battery maintenance without any tools. V-shape squeegee assembly, no stains or waste water left on floor. Automatic reset design, smooth transition over barriers, automatic separation from system. Visual buttons on instrument panel, easy operation even for unprofessional staff. Scrub even the most sound sensitive areas in hospitals, schools, etc. with quiet sound at 58dB. 200 AH CHILWEE maintenance free battery allows the machine to work non-stop for 300 minutes. Voltage / propelling system - 24 DC / manual. Brush motor / Vacuum motor - 560 W / 450 W. Solution tank / recovery tank - 110 L/ 125 L (24 gal. / 27 gal.). Cleaning path – 85 cm (33 in.). Squeegee width: 110 cm (43 in.). Specifications: Dimensions (L x W x H): 122 cm x 79 cm x 119 cm (48 in. x 31.1 in x 46.9 in.)

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