Euro Garden Mini Bouquets - 20 Pack

SKU: RC  1329966



20 mini bouquet. Stem length: approximately 45 cm to 50 cm (17 in. to 20 in.). 4 assorted recipes with 6 to 7 stems each. Vases not included. For short arrangements, a 10 cm × 6 cm (4 in. × 2.5 in.) vase is ideal.. For taller arrangements, stems should be trimmed to accommodate the vase height (any vase height that does not exceed the stem length will work). It is best to keep the vase opening in the 5.1 cm to 8.9 cm (2 in. to 3.5 in.) range (per bouquet). As the vase height gets taller, a narrower opening works best.. Gently unpack the flowers upon arrival. Prepare water with floral preservative as per package instructions. Pour some of the prepared solution in a clear glass container. Trim flowers and put flowers in prepared container, making sure the stems are submerged in water. Let the flower stems hydrate until ready for use

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