Coleman 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit with Charge Controller and Inverter

SKU: RC  350881



2 x 100W crystalline solar panels. 30 amp digital charge controller. 300W modified sine wave inverter. Mounting brackets. 3.05 m (10 ft.) of wiring. Screws. High efficiency crystalline solar cells. Rugged aluminium for extended outdoor use. Shatterproof tempered glass for superior durability. Bypass diode minimizes power drop caused by shade. Weatherproof. Easy to install and maintenance free. Maximum power: up to 100 watts of solar power. Amperage: 5.8 amps. Maximum power point voltage: 17.1V. Panel dimensions (L x W x H): 67 cm x 3.5 cm x 102.1 cm (26.38 in. x 1.38 in. x 40.2 in). Weight: 7.9 kg (17.42 lb). Protects battery from overcharge and discharge. For use with 12 Volt solar panels and batteries only. Features LCD digital display to monitor system’s voltage and amperage. Handles up to 30 amps of array current. Handles up to 450 watts of solar power. Maintains 12V batteries in a fully charged state. Converts 12V DC power into 110V AC household power to run household applications. Maximum continuous power 300 Watts. Peak power 550 Watts. Compact and portable for power on the go. Safety features include: overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, low voltage audible alarm, thermal protection and an internal cooling fan. Includes: 2 AC outlets , 12V DC Plug, ON/OFF switch, Battery terminal clips. 25 year limited for 100W crystalline solar panel. 1 year limited for 30 amp digital charge controller. 1 year limited for 300W power inverter

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